No Way Out | Home

Released 2007
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David Brandom
Tenor and Soprano saxes, Flute
Scott Wendholtt
Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Jay Azzolina*
Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Steve Cardenas
Electric Guitar
Gary Versace
Piano and Hammond B3 Organ
Dave Anderson*
Electric Bass
Mike McGuirk
Acoustic Bass
Adam Cruz*
Ron Vincent
Joe Cardello
Percussion on TM

Clever Shoes - D. Brandom

Did She Happen To Ask About Me? - D. Brandom

Barren Mind - D. Brandom

Quasimodo - Charlie Parker

Indescribable by Richard Cohn
As with all great music, this album’s greatest virtues and pleasures are ultimately indescribable. But if by leaving it at that I’ve failed to convince you to get this album (and David’s earlier album Home) then I’m happy and willing to press on and do my best to express the inexplicable. READ MORE